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Dr. Prabhu’s SARC-Goa Acupuncture Super Specialty Hospital and Research Centre is uniquely designed using the traditional and time tested principles of Vastu and Feng-shui in an innovative manner, so as to draw and transform cosmic energy from the universe or effective healing of the patients. Situated in a cool and quiet place amidst a beautiful township, the centre has a divine look of a serene Buddha temple. Coupled with the beautiful surroundings; the soothing music in treatment section instantly leads the patients towards effective spiritual healing. The homely atmosphere here rather compels all inmates to forget about all their problems, as well as associated worries and tensions! The centre has been running successfully for last 25 years, i.e. from January 1989. Those were the times when Acupuncture Science was not at all well-known and it was difficult for the common masses to believe that: A PRICK OF NEEDLE CAN CURE VARIOUS SO CALLED ‘INCURABLE’ DISORDERS! This centre is well known for treating effectively so called ‘Incurable’ and difficult chronic disorders with ‘Root Cause Treatment’ coupled with latest equipment and knowhow based on research at our centre, success and healing are bound to come! Over the years the centre has gained popularity and attracted the patients from different parts of India and abroad, due to its effectiveness in treating chronic and difficult disorders. Going beyond, Dr. Prabhu's intermittent health lectures helps patients to gain tremendous knowledge and his inspirational magic words open the gates of a new, healthy and beautiful life! “SARC-Goa” believes that: A HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL LIFE WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEND A LOT IS OUR BIRTH RIGHT


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Near Volks Wagon Showroom, on Mapusa-Panaji Highway Alto porvorim,Porvorim,,India,403521
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15.5254916 73.8389657 Sarc-goa Near Volks Wagon Showroom, on Mapusa-Panaji Highway Alto porvorim,Porvorim,,India,403521